Global Green Clothing

Our Philosophy

Helping the environment & supporting local non-profits


Global Green Clothing is committed to reducing landfill waste and providing a second life and second chance for unwanted garments and goods. There is an enormous need to share our wealth worldwide and provide recycled goods to those in need locally and in emerging nations.

Global Green Clothing collects gently used, out of season clothing, shoes, toys and household textiles. Our donation drop-off boxes make donating and recycling easy and convenient, while funding non-profit organizations, creating jobs and keeping millions of tons of textiles out of landfills every year. For every full clothing donation box, we plant one tree. Find us in Lincoln, NE – with many more cities to come!


Thank You

By donating your unwanted clothing in our donation drop-off boxes, you are taking an active role in protecting the ENVIRONMENT and helping PEOPLE all over the world.

Our Story

Making a Difference

Founded in 2017, Global Green Clothing has been working hard with the help of our community to help create a better world that benefits the PEOPLE and the ENVIRONMENT. Our work is dedicated to help fund local non-profits while diverting unwanted clothing from our landfills. Our green clothing drop-boxes provide a convenient and eco-friendly way to donate and recycle your unwanted clothing! Find one near you!

Our Community Partners

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