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Host a Global  Green Bin


Partner with us!

It is our mission to bring textile recycling to communities throughout the midwest and help the fight against CLIMATE CHANGE by diverting surplus clothing and shoes from our limited landfill spaces to affordable clothing for PEOPLE all over the globe!

All it takes is 5 square feet to make a difference!

Show your customers you're serious about sustainability by offering drop-off bins for their donations. The conveniently placed receptacles provide a great way to recycle items like clothing, shoes, and toys - helping the environment while giving them another reason to visit your business! Implementing green initiatives not only helps our planet but also gives back to local communities.

Offering an invaluable service with zero cost, we provide the most reliable donation and collection program in the country. Our strict adherence to legal regulations including municipal ordinances and property management standards give us an edge over competitors. And what's more – our half-parking spot set-up ensures a convenient drop off location for drivers passing by!

By teaming up with our donation program, you'll join a local charity effort while helping create sustainability solutions in your community. Our uniformed staff will visit three to five times per week with easily identifiable trucks and provide full liability insurance for extra peace of mind. Should any issues arise, our Community Relations Coordinators are just a call away - so why not be part of this rewarding cause today?



We invite you to host a Global Green Bin at your school and start making a difference for PEOPLE and PLANET. Encourage your students to learn why it is important to take action NOW as the leaders of tomorrow.

As a Global Green program partner, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Branded, user-friendly bins with a small footprint

  • 24/7 emergency hotline answered by a live operator

  • Branded fleet of vehicles for service and maintenance

  • Service bins 3-4 times weekly, with 24/7    on-call availability 

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